Context : Tutored project, ingénieur IMAC
Job : UI/UX Designer
Team : Nicolas Lienart, Antoine Libert
Project : We made this tool to be as close as possible to the way the human brain works, the spirit of it to let it grow without sacrificing information retrieval.Human memory is flexible and lightning fast, however, with the quantity of information to store accumulating over the course of our life, we have a hard time retaining even just a fraction of it. MEMAP comes as an extension allowing its user to preserve our knowledge on the long term. The tool makes it possible to create visual connections between the different notions that are encapsulated within what we call neurons, and nourish the bigger network. Also we can dynamically embed content coming from other documents and external sources from the web. These blocks reflect their respective sources and are automatically updated. Finally, as a more classic yet convenient feature, the user can manage any files within the application and create his cloud.

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